Vito Glazers is a Scammer and Frontman

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The affiliate marketing industry is pretty tight-knit and fast-paced, thus making no room for shady people like Vito Glazers who are only out to rip people off, regardless of what the level of devastation may be. This is why this website was formed, because there wasn't one person out there exposing the truth and making sure it got hear across the world.

Vito Glazers was able to continue building a business by scamming people out of their hard-earned money without any consequence. Not anymore, since one person who will remain anonymous has taken it upon themselves to highlight some of the most important things about Vito Glazers, who clearly has no remorse for how many lives his ways have ruined over the years. What will be covered here on this particular page is how Vito Glazers has been caught up in some pretty nasty brawls that clearly show he isn't one to be trusted professionally, or personally for that matter.

Vito Glazers is known for having a couple of different affiliate networks in conjunction with a few other businesses, but what many fail to realize is that Vito Glazers is a convicted felon. Not only has Vito G Glazers been caught up as a felon, but it's also something that provoked a more in-depth investigation. The investigation revealed that Vito Glazers was caught on multiple occasions not paying affiliates the proper amount of money (he did this by not accounting for 100% of the leads that were generated by affiliate marketers of his network) and has also been caught using his company to illegally embezzle money.

The situation becomes quite clear, another person claiming to be a professional businessperson, has used the internet to defraud others and build upon his assets using methods only a scam artist would use. This has spawned an intensive investigation with results that will be posted right here on this website for you to see. It's time to expose Vito G Glazers for all that its worth, since nobody else has taken it upon themselves to help others save themselves from getting scammed by one of his shady tactics. There's no time for games when one is trying to build a business using ethical methods, and hopefully the findings will be able to help at least a few people save their time when they run across Vito Glazers and one of his "business ventures" if that's what you want to call it.

Vito Glazers